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Rapid dry technology. Can be used on materials, vinyls or metals such as; stainless steel.

Can be sprayed directy into offices, viewing roms, funeral vehicles, mortuaries or caskets.

Our product leaves no oily residue or unpleasant after scent.

The fragrance is Tropical Coconut, that is bursting with citrus, passionfruit, mango and creamy coconut.


Nilodourz works by trapping bacteria odours, penitrates them and detroys them on contact, leaving an immediate pleasant fragrance in it's wake. Not only does it kill and detroy bacteria, but it also kills fungi and viruses such as; Covid19 and Influenza on contact.


If you are a Funeral Company, please feel free to send us an email to see our entire mortuary range.

NILODOURZ - Knock Odours Dead in their Tracks

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