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This is an all natural, low allergen kitchen bench cleaner. Ammonia aluminium and bleach free so no nasty fumes that are harsh on our hands or hazardous to breathe in.


It removes oily, sticky, coffee and wine with ease, cleans and disinfects benchtops and leaves kitchen sinks and splash backs sparkling.


Brings up Stainless steel appliances and cooktops beautifully. 


  • Ingredients: aqua, bicarbonate of soda, aged white vinegar, fresh lime extract, lime essential oils, perfumers non odour ethenol, borax (natural). Lauryl glucoside, cocamido propyl betaine, hydroxyethyl cellulose, fragrance, natural antioxidant preservative, xanthum gum, jojoba oil(SLS traces), citric acid hydroxymethylglycinate. Directions: spray area 10-15cm away from area, use a soft (non metal scrourer) and in circular motions wipe the area and rinse. For old bench stains spray a liberal amount on there area and let stand for 10min and scrub and rinse re apply if need be. Do not swallow, intended for external use only. Keep out of reach from children. Poisons Information Centre: 13 1126 from anywhere in Australia, (0800 764 766 in New Zealand).IF PRODUCT GETS IN EYES FLUSH IMMEDIATELY WITH RUNNING CLEAN COOL WATER AND SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.

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